DevOps Engineer

Who we are

fable+ is a management consultancy headquartered in Mannheim with a second office in New York. We accompany start-ups, medium businesses and large corporations go on their agile and digital transformations.

At fable+ you won’t find us wearing ties and suits: We see the world through the eyes of people who grew up with Star Wars and Harry Potter. We take full advantage of playful and magical approaches, both for our customers and amongst ourselves. Along with our playful ease, we grow rapidly, develop and evolve, with a constant eye on success.

We are known for our modern methods such as LEGO® SeriousPlay®, Co-Creation and Design Sprints. We take these concepts, “hack” them and enrich them with our mindset. “We” refers to a team committed to one another. “We” refers to a team that seeks to inspire others with crazy ideas, disruptive approaches and of course many games. We are a fast-growing company looking for bright minds to support us with curiosity, open-mindedness and a desire for the new.

DevOps Engineer

Did you read the book “The Phoenix Project” with enthusiasm and are you someone who’s passionate about collaboration?

Yes? Perfect. As a DevOps Engineer you can experience just this by handling requests from operations, development and product teams and establishing development approaches such as Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD).

Your tasks:

  • You will form the interface between product owners and teams from development and operations.
  • You will establish development approaches like Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD) according to best practices.
  • You will set-up fully automated tests in agile software development.
  • You will handle requests from operations, development and product teams such as the implementation of automation processes or the implementation of cultural aspects at management level.
  • You will offer direct cloud and server support for projects – on a technical level, in consulting, in development and in architecture.
  • You will support teams in setting up and supporting as JIRA, Jenkins, VSTS or SAP Solution Manager

Who are you?

  • You have a degree in business informatics, a completed vocational training as an IT specialist (m/f), or a comparable technical training with an IT-related background.
  • You have already gained work experience in an agile context
  • You have sound know-how in software development, infrastructure as well as in the automation of development and deployment processes.
  • You can read and understand programming languages like JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS or C#.
  • You are experienced in designing and implementing delivery pipelines
  • You communicate in a transparent, focused manner and can present complex facts in a simple way.
  • You have experience in building sophisticated and highly automated infrastructure.
  • You have prior success in automating a real-world production environment.
  • You have 5+ years of experience as a technical specialist in customer-facing roles.
  • You have strong practical Linux and Windows-based systems administration skills in virtualized environments.
  • Very good English skills complete your profile.


Of course, we offer you the opportunity to continue your education – if there is something you would like to learn, we will always find a way. In our beautiful, modern offices in the heart of Mannheim or New York you can always work creatively and with full concentration. Additional benefits will be discussed in person.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you always wanted to know how “magic really works”, send your application to Enrico Ferro at


Agile Transformation

Don´t miss the Hogwarts Express! We have a spot for you on our Agile Transformation train. Join us and be ready for a magical journey.

Agile Transformation is a black box to you? You don´t know how to shape the path for cross-functional, self-organized and self-dependent teamwork? We will guide you through this challenging journey with magical easiness! As the perfect travel guide, we will bring along magical artifacts:
  • Coaching your teams through Agile Transformation
  • Adapting the mindset and values of the teams
  • Leading problem solving and ideation with Design Thinking methods
  • Supporting visions, strategies and teambuilding with such methods as LEGO® Serious Play®
  • Promoting the agile framework within your organization
  • Offering mediation in every context
And we will take care of you along the way accordingly to our spirit – playful, inspired, dauntless. The Agile Transformation train will arrive at the new world of agility!


DevOps Architecture

Don´t get lost in the automation jungle. Let our experts help you through your digital transformation.

The concept of Devops Architecture entered our lives as an important circle of the software development life cycle. With good DevOps engineering it is possible to shorten the software development cycle and maintain deeper integrity.In your DevOps journey, we take care of the following steps:
  • DevOps health-check
    • Planning, definition, and reviews
    • Project management
    • Source code management
    • Build management
    • Release management
  • Test Management & Quality Gates
  • Implementation & Automation
  • Adaption
  • Support & Scale

Product Development

No need for blood, sweat, and tears! Share your ideas with us and let us build the product you dreamed of.

Dreaming of your product but not being able to capture the full idea? We can make your dreams come true! With our expert development team and agile working standards, we will deliver your visionary product. We can assist you in form of Design Thinking, Design Sprints, LEGO® SeriousPlay® or Co-Creation to stimulate more input. And then let´s go into development – our DevOps Team will tailor your product and build it market ready. Additionally, we can show you how to apply agile frameworks in product development. This will lead magically to the best results. Let the magic begin!

Cultural Change

For everything there is a season. Let us adjust the air a bit so cultural change can take root in your company. We will let the right mindset grow in your teams!

Growth is twofold: It can hurt because apparently everything is changing. It can also plant the seed of new opportunities. We will help you to harvest these opportunities by nurturing change. We know change often comes with resistance. Don´t worry about it. We can show you how to deal with it. We examine the situation and apply the right methods for a healthy cultural change process. Having the right mindset is possible for all of us. Everyone can grow, there are no restrictions.

Do you want to plant cultural change? Are you ready for letting a growth mindset root within your company? Then let´s do it.

Workshop & Events

“Forgive them for not knowing what they do.” 
And believe us when we say: You never experienced a workshop until you got one from us!

We are eager to introduce you to Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Leadership, LEGO® SeriousPlay® and so many others. Forget what you know about workshops, we are here to challenge you. Be ready for a different experience. With our facilitation experts, every workshop is another opportunity to deeply understand complex subjects and find solutions that suit the needs of your team. And of course is an opportunity to strengthen your team by having a day full of joy and laughter. We use creative methods and adapt them to your individual needs. No matter if it is a five-day Design Sprint or a one-day workshop, with LEGO® we play towards cultural change, with Design Thinking Methods we advance Teambuilding and with our Co-Creation expertise we work on complex business topics. We are happy to invite you to our workshop rooms where we have all the necessary – and sometimes just fun – material to support creative methods. And if you wish, we are also happy to travel and visit you in your company.

Find out how you can benefit from our workshops: Where we create the space for your team to open up, be creative, joyful and fully engaged in the topic.



Everyone is having a bad day from time to time but feeding your inner child helps you to find the balance and to stay positive in difficult situations. If you do what you love other people enjoy working with you and get influenced by your mood.  


We are continuously working on improving ourselves. To ensure this we are acting in terms of “Radical Candor”. Accordingly we care personally and challenge directly. Giving honest radical feedback to each other is an essential part of our culture. Being mindful about your ownership helps the team to grow closer together.


We ask our team members to bring their whole selves to work. Because the variety of personal characters is what makes us unique.  


We are using all the tools we need to become the best magician. Be it the spellbook, the magic wand or the crystal ball. They all help us to take care of our customers and nurture them. Being the best magician helps us to be the best servant-leader.


fable+ aims to change the game of consulting and of course, you cannot change by being like all the others. Having the courage to be different is essential to meet our goal. We are always trying to go unusual ways by evaluating all possible options and finding playful approaches.


If you know why you are doing something it gives you freedom to go other ways and to find the right tool for your purpose. Establishing a vision within a team increases the commitment of all team members to be a part of the bigger picture. But in the end we should all care more about people than about processes.