Words are powerful!

They might be more powerful and influential than actions – either in a positive or negative way. We use words all the time in every situation. Most of the time we don´t even think about their impact on our friends, family, peers or simply strangers we talk to. An abruptly “I don´t have time for you” can deteriorate the other person´s mood – whereas a simple and sincere “Thank you” can enlighten the mood. Since words set the mood, it is crucial to be aware of how to communicate. And communication at fable+ shapes the working atmosphere in a tangible way.
When we walk into the office every morning, we greet each other, happily to get the day started together with some fableous people. We chat about private stuff in our kitchen while making coffee. We work and study intensively during our focus time, keeping the communication to a minimum while feeling the energetic concentration of everyone. We embrace every new idea. All this creates a working atmosphere where we can be ourselves, feel at home and appreciate each other.


Appreciation is a hygiene factor that is often neglected in the office world: might appreciation be considered too time-consuming or might it be considered as not important. In fact, appreciation requires a thoughtful and open interaction with each other. We favour openness as one of our values. Therefore, we are aware of the power of appreciation.


Why is it important to express appreciation? Giving appreciation means you notice and value the effort, the caring, the ideas of your team member. You simply take the time to tell your team member this. Receiving appreciation means you, your personality, your ideas, your actions are valued by your team. On one hand that creates pride of belonging to a team like this, and on the other hand, receiving appreciation triggers you to go the extra mile for your team – your motivation to work for and with your team enhances.


How do we express our appreciation at the office? One way is using cards to note down some kind words like “Thank you”, “Well done”, “Great job”, “Totally awesome”. Can you imagine the impact of just finding such a card on your desk? Sometimes, you won’t even find a signature because the appreciation giver doesn´t want to get any thanks for that. Giving appreciation is all about expressing the value of the other person´s qualities.


Words of appreciation induce an atmosphere of positive mood, collaboration, teamwork and intrinsic motivation. All kind of hygiene factors that support a well performing team and company. Why do you think we are all eager to work for fable+?

Appreciation is one of the reasons!