We’ve got exciting news to share today: our name has changed to fable+!

Our approach to business has always been a different one, celebrating individualism and courage with a healthy appetite for rebellion. We found some of the best business lessons are to be found in stories and fairytales.

When our journey started a few years ago, we sought answers to ‘what if’ and ‘why not’, the all-encompassing questions at the root of almost any change. The name that we chose was a logical consequence of that quest: antwort, German for answer, and 360, a perfect circle.

As our own journey carried on and became its own story, steeped in magic, fantasy and playfulness, we felt more and more that our name should reflect our beliefs, our everyday lives and our special ideas.

Our new name

fable+ is made up of two components. The fable, because we are storytellers at heart. Our philosophy is based on teachings of some of the most iconic fairytales: Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. Our culture is steeped in the magic of Harry Potter, from the sorting hat to the iconic houses. The +, because we are more than charming tales: We write stories in the startup and corporate worlds. We lead through the journey of digital change. We embark on adventures of product ideation and development.

And thus, our logo is followed by a simple statement: Pathfinders for your Future Adventures.

Our new logo
We believe in the greatness of simple things and accordingly have opted for another logotype:

A little nod to our role as guides and coaches is the +, a stylized version of a compass, the basic instrument to find your way in times when direction is needed most.

New look, same service

We are of course still offering the same, great service you know us for: from Agile Transformation to DevOps Architecture, from Cultural Change to Product Development, all our unique events and workshops carry on as before.

More to come

We had been mulling over this rebranding for a while, thinking about when a good time would be, before starting the work just this November. In keeping with the agile principles that we teach and consult on, after two weeks we deemed the status good enough and safe enough to launch, so here we are with our version one.

As our journey continues, there will be some more, subtle changes. We’re still looking for a typeface we really love, our designers are drawing a few additions to our logo, and we’re planning new products – and a convention (Spoiler Alert!).

If you want to know more about us, our decision to re-brand, or our team, please do reach out here or just ask us in person when you see us. We’re out and about at Agile Meetups or our own DevOps Connection.

Until then – up, up and away!